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Who is it for?

For elderly people living independently at home who want to pro-actively monitor their health daily, with suitable medical assistance.

Home Health Plus offers daily health monitoring for customers in their own home, under the supervision of medical experts and with the use of technology to trigger further medical investigations when appropriate. This monitoring process can be implemented for a short period of time, perhaps during the recovery from an illness while at home or it can be used as a long-term service to protect the health of aging customers and maintain a good quality of life, living independently at home.

What is covered?

  • A full clinical assessment is done at home by a medical expert
  • A healthcare programme and health monitoring needs are documented
  • “Normal” measurements are recorded for the client as a “control” standard for their health
  • We communicate with all Carers involved, to arrange the measurements to be taken daily
  • Medical devices are used by the usual Carer and sent electronically to our Health Centre
  • Results outside the acceptable range automatically prompt an analysis by a clinician.
  • Contact is made with the customer or appropriate contact and recommendations in terms of follow-up medical attention is provided.


There are multiple benefits of this healthcare service however at it’s core is the absolute commitment that the team at Earslfort eHealthwatch has to facilitate people to stay healthy and live independently in their own home for as long as possible, as the natural aging process progresses.

For everyone involved, it delivers a level of medical monitoring, support and expertise – day-in-day-out – into the home that has only previously been accessible in medical amenities and hospitals. And for these medical facilities , it can cut the level of resourcing needed to deliver appropriate medical support to older people living locally.

Home Health Plus offers a great new choice for independent older people which may give them a new lease of life, with the security of medical supervision on a daily basis but without the need to travel to get one-on-one medical attention.

Contact Earlsfort eHealthwatch on +353 (0)1 839 6610 or email us to learn about the service. We look forward to talking with you.

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