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For Public Health Organisations, Hospitals, Emergency Departments and Step Down Units

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There are many advantages in introducing eHealthwatch health monitoring for the elderly, to patients and their relatives:

  • it can speed-up the discharge process thereby releasing beds for other patients
  • it can be in the very best interests of suitable patients, who want to stay at home but need the extra medical support of daily health monitoring.
  • It is a practical, constructive suggestion at a stressful time for the family
  • The medical credentials of the team behind Earlsfort eHealthwatch are second to none so referrers can be re-assured of a quality service.

The eHealthwatch Mission

Earlsfort eHealthwatch Limited is a clinical services company providing a tailored medical service that uses up to date remote health monitoring technology to allow people manage their health at home with expert medical assistance. We deliver innovative healthcare solutions for elderly clients in both hospital and community settings. Our mission is to maximise our clients’ ability to live in their own home by providing clinical expertise tailored to the individual’s unique requirements. We utilise telehealth, remote clinical monitoring and direct medical intervention services that allow us work directly with Patients, Hospitals, Step-Down Units and Homecare agencies. The services provided by Earlsfort eHealthwatch Limited allow patients to be discharged confidently from hospital to step down units, and back to their own homes, delaying and frequently obviating the requirement for long term care while allowing patients to live healthier lives in their own home.

Benefits of eHealthwatch

The benefits for Public Health Organisations, Hospitals, Emergency Departments and Step Down Units as a result of the services offered by Earlsfort eHealthwatch are compelling:

  • Average length of stay in hospital is significantly reduced.
  • From an overall Public Health Service perspective, the service delivers bed capacity making these beds available for other (acute) admissions or representing bed day cost savings.
  • Improved hospital capacity to meet Emergency Department trolley targets and reduced hospital Length of Stay.
  • From a Hospital perspective, the service is effective for both early discharge and admission avoidance as a result of early intervention. It helps reduce inappropriate maintenance of patients in an acute hospital and risks associated with same (falls, infections etc…).
  • Increase in patient/family trust and satisfaction with discharge planning. Provides a seamless transition from an acute care setting to a community setting. Based on previous programmes completed by eHealthwatch, patient and family satisfaction is high if the patient can be monitored in their own home.
  • The service delivers a level of justification for high cost and scarce Long Term Care beds where these are deemed required.
  • A significant proportion of the complex discharge load from an acute hospital can be met by this programme.
  • The service can be delivered at a cost which is less expensive than comparable long term care facilities (and significantly less expensive than acute hospital stays). Because minimal physical infrastructure is required, this type of service can be “scaled up and down” as required and is therefore ideal for Winter pressure contingency planning.
  • Provides Specialist Geriatrician assessment, treatment and support at home.
  • Improved Chronic Disease Management and an increase in patient and family involvement in disease management

From Hospital to the Home

In delivering innovative health care services to elderly clients, Earlsfort eHealthwatch enable clients to live in their own home. We have forged close relationships and successful partnerships with the acute hospital sector, long term nursing care facilities, Community Intervention Team (CIT) professionals and home care agencies. This has allowed us to establish, design and deliver complex care programmes over the past number of years across the public/private divide that have facilitated the early and safe discharge of vulnerable elderly patients from acute hospital and step-down facilities, bringing them back to their own home. As part of these programmes we have demonstrated that these successful partnerships can deliver significant bed day savings while delivering excellent standards of care through a consultant supervised multidisciplinary team. We have a proven track record in delivering clinical excellence in this particular service area. Indeed we have already won National Healthcare awards for these programmes.

For many elderly patients, the period following the initial management of the acute illness which precipitated admission to an acute hospital can be a protracted and ill-defined time. Slow-stream rehabilitation and care planning are essential to an appropriate and safe discharge but the exigencies of an acute general and tertiary level hospital often conspire against the adequate provision of these essential services. As a consequence many post-acute older patients languish on general medical and surgical wards with their further care planning often a haphazard affair as over-burdened clinical staff focus (appropriately) on the needs of the more acutely ill. Thus a significant cohort of patients reside in acute hospital beds having completed their in-patient medical care, awaiting onward referral to re-ablement, rehabilitation and long term care facilities. Many of these patients can be safely and efficiently managed in off-site re-ablement facilities and, with appropriate nursing and therapeutic supports, in their own home.

An Ageing Population

Demographic and economic challenges are prompting governments of countries with socialised medical systems, to develop strategies capable of safely and effectively meeting the healthcare requirements of an ageing population in novel and more cost-effective manners. Earlsfort eHealthwatch provides a real and measurable mechanism to change the way elderly hospital and community care is delivered. Our experience to date is that patients wish to live independently in their own home for as long as possible. This is also the most efficient system for care and health services to be delivered. From the perspective of the Hospital, exit delay of patients who have completed their acute medical treatment is a systemic and pervasive problem. Earlsfort eHealthwatch has been to the forefront in designing effective solutions for this complex issue and our success to date demonstrates that we can work with Public and Private Hospitals as well as Step down units to deliver a significant increase in safe and efficient complex care discharges.

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