Earlsfort eHealthwatch

The Technology

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) incorporates a range of technologies designed to manage and monitor various health conditions.

Health monitoring devices – like blood pressure monitors, cardiac monitors, glucometers and weighing scales – can collect and report health data electronically. They can also form part of a fully integrated health data system for accurate health monitoring e.g. which may include medications, medical history, health assessment information etc.

The technologies used by Earlsfort eHealthwatch facilitate quality healthcare as the measurements are collected and sent in automatically in real-time to a Health Centre where automated systems measure actual readings from medical devices against an individual’s “normal” range – which is gathered at a preliminary assessment and examination. This means that caregivers and clinicians can intervene at an early stage if required. It also reduces the reliance on assessments made by carers in the home and it helps to implement a consistent, accurate approach to health monitoring – with the history of health measurements readily accessible on the system for review by medical experts as required.

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