Earlsfort eHealthwatch

How Does it Work?

The Service

There are three levels of service available to provide medical home care for the elderly – Home Care Plus, Home Health Plus and Home Transitional Care. The service is designed to offer a superior level of medical home care for the elderly, so that they can continue to live at home. It combines medical expertise with health monitoring devices and new technologies to offer the type of personal medical monitoring that would previously only be available in a hospital.

The level of service varies depending on the product chosen and the individuals specific needs however it involves this process;

  • The customer is medically assessed at home or in hospital by a specialist
  • A Care Plan and health monitoring system is agreed e.g. blood pressure, heart rate, sugar levels
  • “Normal” levels are established for each customer so that these can act as a benchmark for their health
  • We work with the Carers and Medical team to implement a daily monitoring process
  • Medical devices are used by the Carer to take health measurements and these details are sent electronically to our Health Centre
  • Results outside the “normal” range generate an assessment by a Clinician
  • The appropriate medical action is recommended e.g. further investigation etc

The type of readings taken include blood pressure, heart rate, sugar levels, weight, temperature and more and medical devices are supplied for this purpose.

There are significant benefits for everyone involved in accessing this new level of care.

We look forward to discussing your needs with you – whether you are a potential customer, a medical professional or work within a medical facility. See our Contact Details here.

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